A Synthetic Biography for a Geek

8 Jul 2024

A biography generated by an AI? Indeed.

So I decided I’d write my biography, or a sort of an edited autobiography of some particular episodes. Then while on a break from scribing away I ran up on this article about an AI that generates “artificial” web sites based upon a verbal prompt. This page is the intro to the site and you can use it to create your own web pages. A final link is this more or less explanatory page about the synthesizer. So I decided I’d ask it to write a biographical piece for me.

Here then is the AI generated biography:

Adventures in Nerdspace: A Geek's Synthetic Biography

Greetings, fellow traveler of the cybersphere! Welcome to a glimpse into the life and times of a proud geek, synthesized for your digital delectation. Strap on your VR headset, plug in your neurolink, and jack into this thrilling tale of nerdly exploits across the meatspace/cyberspace divide.

Chapter 1: Birth of a Nerd

Born with a keyboard in one hand and a polyhedral die in the other, it was clear from an early age that I was destined for geekdom. While other babies were content chewing on rattles and blowing raspberries, I could be found attempting to dismantle my crib to build a rudimentary 8-bit computer from the parts. My first word was "404" and my first crush was on Ada Lovelace.

Chapter 2: Nerd School Daze

Ah, school - that venerable institution of standardized mediocrity. While my peers were busy trying to climb the social hierarchy, I was more interested in climbing the high score tables of classic arcade games. Lunch breaks were spent huddled around a Game Boy, trading Pokémon and debating Kirk vs Picard. Prom night? More like Lan party night!

Chapter 3: Code, Hack, Sleep, Repeat

University was where I truly blossomed into a world-class nerd. Fueled by ramen and Jolt cola, I spent countless caffeine-soaked nights lost in the glorious world of code, hacking everything from toasters to the campus mainframe. My dorm room became a sanctuary of geekiness, where soldering irons outnumbered textbooks and arguments over Linux distros raged into the wee hours.

Chapter 4: The Geek Inherits the Earth

In the real world, it turns out that being an unbridled nerd is actually a superpower. Armed with my elite tech skills and utterly un-self-conscious enthusiasm, I set out to disrupt industry after industry with my quirky yet brilliant innovations. Did I take over the world? Not quite. But I did amass a sizable collection of Funko Pops and a dedicated following on Github!

Chapter 5: To Infinity and Beyond!

And so the adventure continues, one line of code and obscure pop-culture reference at a time. From the depths of the darknet to the halls of Comic-Con, this geek's synthetic life story is still being written. Will I eventually transcend meatspace to become a digital demigod living in the cloud? Will I find love with a cyborg soulmate? Will I finally get a high score on Donkey Kong? Tune in next time to find out! Same nerd-time, same nerd-channel.

The End...?

Here is the biography presented as screen captures.

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Hopefully you found this entertaining and informative. As always Comments, Criticisms, and Suggestions are welcome. God bless all.