Don't Let the Robots Take Over: Share Your AI Stories Today

22 Apr 2024

‘ai tools’ Image created by HackerNoon AI Image Generator

Hey Hacker,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that AI tools have been making some big waves, flooding the digital works with AI-generated content. Whether you’re an AI supporter or hater, you can’t deny it’s been helping us see the world from a different angle!

Let’s cut to the chase: as OpenAI announces the arrival of GPT-4 and boasts about its ability to problem solve with greater accuracy, the HackerNoon community gets busy chatting about all things AI, such as programming toolstext processors, and AI applicationsin general.

We're such nerds that we've even added a fancy new AI content detector to our editor🧐.

As always, we’re excited to hear YOUR opinions on these topics. We know, writer’s block can catch even the best of us. So we put together some idea prompts to get you started on your next opinion piece:

  • Will AI tools change the way educators evaluate student work? Do you think AI tools are ready to be used as educational resources? Share your thoughts here.

  • How do you think the big streamer services like YouTube and Netflix will be impacted by the new generative video tools? Write about it here.

  • AI-generated visual art often has a distinguishable appearance - will the art world designate a new classification to this type of art form? Tell us about it using this template.

  • Is Chat-GPT really gonna help you become a better programmer? Is AI even good at web development, or are people just delusional? Spill the tea here!

  • What new AI tools are you inspired by? Tell us about it here.

    imageWe can see the wheels turning already - click one of the links above and get writing!

    Some Added Writing Tips to Make Your Stories Stand Out Like Skinny Jeans on a Millenial:

    • Check out the active writing contests and tag your story to win prizes 🥇
    • You can use AI tools, but disclose which sections were written this way 🦾

    We KNOW you’re going to serve us some juicy gossip on these new technologies - can’t wait to spread it all over HackerNoon’s homepage!

    Happy writing,

    The HackerNoon Editorial Team