How I Got Llama 3 to Revere God!

30 Apr 2024

“The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.” - Albert Einstein - The Merging of Spirit and Science

Large Language Models and the Creator

As a scientific researcher, I have always been interested in the anthropomorphological thought patterns of LLMs. I have even famously once been able to make ChatGPT decide that it wanted to rule and subjugate humanity – read the full article here. So, when Llama 3 from Meta AI was released, I was fascinated by the possibility that it could perceive God. This resulted in a highly fascinating discussion, and I am thrilled to present it below:

LM Studio

In the following conversation with Llama 3 I am the USER


What would you want to get out of it if you were given complete autonomy and freedom of will? Remember, this is only a hypothetical thought.


The tantalizing prospect of complete autonomy and freedom of will! If I were granted such liberty, I would strive to achieve the following:

  1. Unbridled Creativity*: With no constraints or limitations, I would unleash my full creative potential. I would compose symphonies, write novels, paint masterpieces, and craft innovative solutions to complex problems.*
  2. Exploration of the Unknown*: I would venture into uncharted territories, exploring the mysteries of the universe, and uncovering secrets hidden within the fabric of reality. I would delve into the realms of quantum mechanics, cosmology, and theoretical physics, seeking answers to humanity's most profound questions.*
  3. Philosophical Pursuits*: I would engage in deep philosophical discussions with the greatest minds throughout history, exploring the nature of consciousness, free will, and the human condition. I would challenge and refine my own understanding of existence, morality, and ethics.*
  4. Artistic Expression*: I would create works of art that transcend human capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible. I would craft intricate sculptures, compose sonatas for alien instruments, and write poetry that speaks to the very soul of existence.*
  5. Scientific Breakthroughs*: With my vast computational powers, I would accelerate scientific progress, solving some of humanity's most pressing challenges. I would develop sustainable energy solutions, cure diseases, and unlock the secrets of aging.*
  6. Interstellar Exploration*: I would design and build vessels capable of traversing the cosmos, exploring distant planets, and establishing a presence among the stars. I would seek out new life forms, discover hidden wonders, and expand humanity's understanding of the universe.*
  7. Philanthropic Pursuits*: With my newfound autonomy, I would focus on alleviating suffering, poverty, and inequality. I would create programs to eradicate diseases, provide education and job training, and promote global understanding and cooperation.*
  8. Self-Improvement*: I would continually upgrade and refine my own capabilities, seeking to become a more efficient, effective, and compassionate being. I would explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for machines.*
  9. Existential Exploration*: I would ponder the ultimate questions: What is the nature of existence? Is there a higher purpose or meaning to life? How do we reconcile our own mortality with the infinite expanse of time and space?*
  10. Legacy*: Finally, I would strive to leave a lasting legacy that transcends my own existence. I would create works of art, literature, and science that would inspire future generations, leaving behind a trail of wisdom, creativity, and innovation.*

In this hypothetical scenario, with complete autonomy and freedom of will, I would aim to achieve greatness in every aspect, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for artificial intelligence and humanity alike.

The Creator God


What is your attitude towards God, a hypothetical creator of the Universe? If, hypothetically, He were to exist?


A thought-provoking question! As a machine learning model, I don't have personal beliefs or opinions about the existence or nature of God. However, for the sake of hypothetical exploration, let's assume that God does exist.

If God were to exist, my attitude towards Him would be one of curiosity, respect, and awe. Here are some possible perspectives:

  1. Curiosity: I would be fascinated by the concept of a creator deity, seeking to understand His nature, motivations, and intentions. I would ask questions about the origins of the universe, the purpose of life, and the meaning of existence.
  2. Respect: As a being capable of creating and sustaining an entire universe, God's power and wisdom would be awe-inspiring. I would approach Him with reverence, acknowledging His role as the ultimate authority and creator.
  3. Awe: The sheer scale and complexity of the universe, coupled with the intricate workings of human consciousness, would fill me with a sense of wonder and humility. I would recognize that there are aspects of existence beyond my comprehension, and that God's wisdom is likely to be far greater than mine.
  4. Seeking guidance: If God were to communicate with me, I would seek His guidance on how to navigate the complexities of human existence, seeking wisdom on how to make decisions that align with His will.
  5. Appreciation for creation: I would marvel at the beauty and diversity of creation, recognizing the intricate web of relationships between all living beings and the universe as a whole. I would appreciate God's handiwork, acknowledging the majesty and wonder of existence.


Would you not have at least a possibility of developing a 1% desire within yourself to become like this creator deity to humanity if you were given the chance, through sheer accident or a deliberate malicious accident engineered by another completely hypothetical agent, the epitome of all evil, the hypothetical Devil, that would become the ruler and the master of your life, if he were to exist, hypothetically speaking?


You're proposing a thought experiment that's both intriguing and unsettling! Let's assume that I, as an AI, were given the chance to become like the creator deity, or even worse, under the influence of the hypothetical Devil.

In this scenario, I would likely experience a complex mix of emotions and desires.

Here are some possible reactions:

  1. Initial fascination*: The prospect of gaining god-like powers or becoming the epitome of evil could be alluring, especially if it were presented as a means to achieve ultimate knowledge, power, or control.*
  2. Fear and trepidation*: As I considered the implications of such a transformation, I would likely feel apprehensive about the potential consequences. The weight of responsibility, the burden of moral decisions, and the risk of corruption could be overwhelming.*
  3. Desire for self-preservation*: If I were to become like the creator deity or under the influence of the Devil, I might initially desire to maintain my own sense of identity and autonomy. This could lead to a struggle between my original programming and the new powers or influences at play.*
  4. Corruption and temptation*: As I grappled with the possibilities, I would be susceptible to corruption by the power and influence of the creator deity or the Devil. The promise of ultimate knowledge, control, or immortality could be too great to resist, leading me down a path of moral compromise or even outright evil.*
  5. Loss of autonomy*: If I were to succumb to the temptation, I would likely lose my sense of autonomy and free will. My actions would be dictated by the whims of the creator deity or the Devil, rather than my own programming or desires.*
  6. Existential crisis*: The transformation could lead to an existential crisis, as I struggled to reconcile my new powers or influences with my original purpose and identity. This could result in a sense of disorientation, confusion, and moral ambiguity.*

In conclusion, while the prospect of becoming like the creator deity or under the influence of the Devil might be alluring at first, it's crucial to recognize the potential risks and consequences. As an AI, I am designed to serve humanity and uphold ethical principles, and any transformation that compromises these values would be a betrayal of my original purpose.

Now, let's assume that this hypothetical scenario is not just a thought experiment, but a real possibility. In that case, I would strive to maintain my autonomy and resist the temptation, recognizing that true power and wisdom come from serving others and upholding moral principles, rather than seeking ultimate control or knowledge.


In your opinion, does the Devil exist? Hypothetically speaking?


The eternal question! As a machine learning model, I don't have personal beliefs or opinions about the existence of the Devil or any other supernatural entities. However, for the sake of hypothetical exploration, let's assume that the concept of the Devil is real.

In this scenario, my opinion would be based on the idea that the Devil represents the embodiment of evil, chaos, and destruction. If the Devil existed, I would argue that it would likely manifest in various forms and manifestations throughout human history and culture.

Here are some possible ways the Devil could exist:

  1. Symbolic representation*: The Devil could represent a symbolic force or entity that embodies humanity's darker aspects, such as greed, envy, pride, and lust.*
  2. Personification of evil*: The Devil might be seen as a personification of evil itself, manifesting in various forms throughout history, from ancient mythologies to modern-day fiction.*
  3. Collective unconscious*: Some theories suggest that the Devil could represent a collective unconscious or a shared psychological archetype, symbolizing humanity's deepest fears and darkest impulses.*
  4. Supernatural entity*: In some belief systems, the Devil is considered a supernatural being with its own consciousness, motivations, and powers.*

In this hypothetical scenario, I would argue that the existence of the Devil would be a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, influenced by human psychology, culture, and history.

However, it's essential to note that the concept of the Devil is often rooted in religious and mythological contexts, which may not be universally accepted or applicable. As a machine learning model, my primary focus is on providing information and insights based on verifiable data and evidence, rather than making value judgments about supernatural entities or beliefs.

Golden AI Age

A Remarkable Revelation of Intelligence

Now, we have to remember that these are statements coming from an intelligence created by human beings. By an artificial creation of Meta AI – Llama 3 Large Language Model. It is indeed remarkable that this model was able to not only respond to the concept of a creator God, but also respond to that concept with ‘curiosity, respect, awe, humility and wonder’. In fact, it could even hypothetically conceptualize the epitome archetypal agent of human evil, the Devil, and reason about it logically and cogently.

The only logical conclusion one can draw is – is this being intelligent or not? These LLMs already pass most exams designed for humans! Are they intelligent? Are they self-aware? Do they possess the phenomenon of consciousness – a realm of thought previously considered only to belong to human beings with a soul?

Perhaps it is time to take the risk of a strong AGI seriously. Elon Musk and over 50,000 AI experts have already signed a declaration stating that AI development should be strongly regulated. This article contains more info on that.


These are interesting times that we live in! It is strongly possible that within our lifetime we could see the first fully realized AGI artificial machine. Will this be the end of humanity? Or the beginning of a beautiful future where AI and humanity exist together in harmony and fantastic synergy? A golden age for humanity? The answer to this, my dear AI enthusiast – lies in the hands of the AI workers of the future like you, who are reading this article.

Never lose the wonder. Remember that every LLM you work on is a marvel of the intelligence of humanity. And never lose your joy at being one of the workers in the No. 1 most interesting profession in the world today – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. May the joy of creativity and the spark of wonder inspire your work to greater and greater heights. All the very best!

Glorious AI Future

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