Last Call: Less than a Month Left to Enter the #crypto-api Writing Contest

25 Jun 2024

Hey Hackers!

In case you didn’t know, the #crypto-api writing contest has been running for about two months now, and we’ve received some great entries like How Cryptocurrency APIs Drive Growth in the Blockchain Industry, Unlocking the Power of Crypto Markets with CoinGecko API and more.

Big shout-out to all the participants so far!

For those who haven’t had the chance to submit a story yet, there’s still time!

And if you’ve already submitted one, feel free to submit another to boost your chances.

Remember, there’s a $1000 prize pool that might have your name on it!

For the contest, we’re looking for submissions that discuss any of the following:

  • The value of cryptocurrency data APIs
  • Industry leaders like the CoinGecko API
  • Crypto API integration experiences
  • Crypto data API use cases
  • and more!

See the full list here.

To make things even easier, we’ve crafted an interview-style template for you here.

Just answer the questions as best you can and hit submit.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Important Contest Information:

Submission deadline: July 18, 2024 - 11 pm EST

Total prize pool: $1000 for 3 winners

The #crypto-api Writing Contest Rules & Guidelines

  • Must be 18+ to enter (no location restrictions)
  • Story content can be any original story on #crypto-api.​

Can I Write Under a Pen Name?

Yes! You can use your real name on your HackerNoon profile or create a pseudonym to write under.

How Long Will the Contest Run?​

The contest which started on April 18, 2024, has already been running for about 2 months. You have one month left to submit your entry(ies). Deadline: July 18, 2024 - 11 pm EST

Can I submit more than one entry to the contest?

Of course. Each story submission shall be considered a new entry into the writing contest.

How are the winners selected?

  • After 3 months, we’ll shortlist and announce the top 10 story submissions that receive the most eyeballs (real humans, not bots!).
  • Next, the shortlisted stories will be voted on by HackerNoon staff.
  • The top 3 stories with the most votes will be crowned as winners.

Remember, the sooner you submit your first story, the higher your chances of winning!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, send an email to

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Best of luck!