Libertum Announces Strategic Collaboration with Tulum Land & Properties to Revolutionize Real Estate

24 Apr 2024

In a significant move that is contributing to the evolution of real estate investment, Libertum is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Tulum Land and Properties. This partnership punctuates the end of the traditional approach to real estate investment in the Tulum region of Mexico. The partnership represents an evolution to an era where property tokenization is the norm. It is appropriate that the vibrant real estate scene of Tulum, Mexico, known for its stunning properties and burgeoning market potential, will now also be recognized as a place where real estate tokenization is a reality.

Tulum Land and Properties and Libertum are set to introduce a new era of investment opportunities by tokenizing a unique collection of villas with an initial portfolio of 300 million dollars. This innovative venture offers forward-thinking investors a unique chance to be part of Tulum's flourishing real estate sector, positioning it as a prime location for progressive investment.

Javvad Azam, CEO at Libertum, said:

"Tulum's real estate market is at an inflection point, observed with increasing interest from global investors. Our collaboration with Tulum Land and Properties is not just about introducing groundbreaking investment opportunities; it’s about crafting a legacy in one of the most mesmerizing destinations in the world.”

The collaboration is timely, as Tulum continues to capture the attention of international investors and enthusiasts, with property values in the area poised for significant growth. Engaging in this venture allows investors to secure their stake in what is predicted to be a lucrative market, leveraging the expertise and insight of both Libertum and Tulum Land and Properties.

Furthermore, this partnership harbors the potential to assist Libertum, paving the way for expansion beyond Tulum into Cancun and further exploration of the captivating lands of Mexico. This strategic move underlines Libertum's commitment to fostering growth and expanding its footprint in the international real estate market.

Be part of this extraordinary journey with Libertum and Tulum Land and Properties. For a closer look at the unique area and to explore the opportunities this collaboration will create, you are encouraged to visit and

This is more than an invitation to invest; it's a call to be part of an industry evolution that is now inevitable.

About Libertum

Libertum offers a complete infrastructure for real estate companies, property owners, agencies, and other RWA projects to tokenize assets. From digitizing rental income to ownership transfers through DAO, Libertum caters to all your on-chain real estate requirements. List properties, trade tokens, borrow via our lending protocol or reserve on-chain properties for a smooth experience.

About Tulum Land and Properties

For over four thrilling years, Tulum Land & Property (TLAP) has been at the forefront of Tulum's dynamic real estate market, offering unparalleled consultancy and brokerage services specifically designed for international investors.

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