My Boring and Simple Job Boards Website Passed $40k πŸ’΅ in Revenue πŸ₯³

28 Jun 2024

My boring, simple, clunkily-design directory of job boards, JobBoardSearch πŸ”Ž, passed $40k πŸ’΅ in revenue πŸ₯³

I didn't have the intention to monetize.

But after 2 months online, Pieter Levels sent me a DM saying "Start charging."

Pieter Levels DM

So I did!

I know it's not huge, but it costs me less than $100/mo to run.

In April, it passed $7k and I still can't believe it!

Built it using HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript (some jQuery), and PHP.

I put it online after 5 hours of work because I learned that StackOverflow Jobs shut down and people were asking for alternatives.

How does it make money?

  • Sponsored job boards
  • Listing upgrades
  • Ad slots
  • CPC

Some stats πŸ“Š

  • 1.06M page views
  • 573k unique
  • 360k jobs/job boards link clicks
  • 7.4k Telegram mems
  • 7.7k Newsletter subs
  • 7.6k subreddit mems
  • 125 paid job boards/products
  • 3.3k Backlinks
  • 511 Referring domains

Some folks I got inspired from & why:

  1. From Pieter Levels, I learned to be pragmatic, to ship fast and improve later, building in public is a win-win, and not be afraid of failing.

His book "MAKE: learn to build profitable startups" is a must-read.

But most important: ship more πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  1. From Phil, who is the founder of a successful job board "4 day week." He has grown his job seekers newsletter to 100k and knows how to sell ad slots.

If you run a job board from him, you will learn how to monetize.

Also, SEO for job boards he always shares great tips.

  1. From Marc Kohlbrugge; it's the reason I started to be active on Twitter

The man is a shipping machine and is not afraid to start new projects using new tech and trial and error.

And, of course, the founder of WIP; it is the reason for my boost in productivity and accountability.

  1. From Arvid Kahl, I learned that it costs 0 to be kind, encourage others, and that building in public is a win-win. Helping others is so powerful!

His list (Core Twitter Ideas) of 49 short videos on YT is so valuable.

Learned about audiences from his book "The Embedded Entrepreneur."

  1. From Andrew Gazdecki, I learned that it’s important to be humble, it doesn't matter if you’re a large or big account, reply to everyone, and be kind

The importance of storytelling; he is not only the CEO of Acquire (the best marketplace to buy or sell startups) but also a great storyteller.

  1. Daniel Vassallo inspired me due to his portfolio of small bets strategy (Now, I have 5 income streams).

To treat projects like cattle, not pets. When inspiration strikes, work with high intensity, otherwise, take it easy.

He runs SmallBets: try making $1000 with a small project first

Super grateful to all who inspired me to achieve the $40k milestone πŸ™πŸ»

And to everyone that keeps mentioning JobBoardSearch πŸ”Ž

Thanks to all job board founders who listed on JobBoardSearch πŸ”Ž and even more to the ones who purchased a premium listing πŸ˜‰

Rod :)