Tech-Driven Tree Planting: How PineOx Moves Beyond Traditional Methods

18 Apr 2024

By Alex Korotkov, CEO @

Hello, everyone. My name is Alex Korotkov. I'm a serial startup founder. I've developed several social apps previously with millions of Daily Active Users, including apps for Fox Sports, Liverpool FC, PSG, RMC Sport, and more.

Also, I was an internationally acknowledged political prisoner in Belarus, and that's why I chose to start a startup in the social sphere.

Despite the technological and chemical advancements of the last decades, 99.9% of CO2 extraction from the atmosphere still relies on trees and soil. This fundamental reality underpins our mission at PineOx, where we harness the power of technology not to replace, but to amplify these natural processes. Our approach is simple yet profound: facilitate tree planting on a massive scale to combat climate change effectively.

As the CEO of PineOx and a software developer with over a decade of experience in creating apps, I have directed our efforts toward developing a platform that empowers individuals worldwide to participate in environmental preservation. Our application not only makes it easier for anyone to contribute to stopping climate change but also ensures that their efforts are transparent and impactful.

Tech-Driven Solutions

At PineOx, we leverage emerging technologies to enhance our tree-planting efforts. These technologies allow us to track the growth and carbon sequestration impact of each tree, ensuring every participant can see the tangible results of their contributions. We initiated PineOx because polls showed a significant increase in demand for solutions that enable widespread participation in climate action. The services currently available on the market, primarily from non-profits, lack the transparency and social components necessary for a B2C tool to succeed. By filling this gap, we aim to engage as many people as possible in becoming more environmentally responsible.

PineOx app

Every tree planted through our app comes with a digital twin, represented by an image and location data. This feature allows our users to verify the progress of their seedlings either by visiting the planting sites or by viewing satellite imagery available on platforms like Google Maps.

Engagement Through Innovation

One of our core challenges is differentiating ourselves in a crowded market. At PineOx, we bet on a unique and engaging user experience through simple yet unorthodox mechanics. Users engage with our platform by completing sustainability quizzes, and PineOx commits to planting a real tree for every two quizzes completed. We then send the user an image and location of the planted tree, thus maintaining a transparent and direct connection between our users' actions and their environmental impact.

Our app educates users about their CO2 footprint through an intuitive interface that calculates their annual emissions. We then translate these figures into the number of trees needed to offset their footprint, usually one tree every 7-14 days, depending on their lifestyle habits. This educational tool has surprised many of our users, who often don't realize the extent of their impact on the environment.

To keep users engaged and informed about the importance of their contributions, especially during significant events like Earth Day, PineOx sends push notifications reminding them to plant more trees to maintain their CO2 neutrality. This reminder is not just a nudge; it's an invitation to participate further in quizzes that deepen their understanding of their environmental impact.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, PineOx is committed to expanding our technological capabilities to further enhance our environmental impact. Our future roadmap includes integrating more advanced digital solutions to enable broader participation in tree planting, addressing the urgent need to counteract rapid deforestation. By focusing on scalable solutions, PineOx aims to plant billions of trees each year, bridging the gap between deforestation and reforestation rates and ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

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