TokenGuide: Building Security for Web3 Across All Blockchains

28 Jun 2024

TokenGuide is in beta now! Visit to test it out for free & give us your feedback!

😱 The Web3 landscape can be scary for users

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, the prevalence of Solana rugpulls and questionable memecoins across various blockchain networks has created a pressing need for a comprehensive, chain-agnostic solution for auditing smart contracts. The urgency of this need is underscored by the staggering losses incurred due to hacks and rugpulls in 2024 alone - a whopping $473 million according to data from Immunefi. This alarming figure highlights the critical importance of robust security measures in the crypto space.

TokenGuide emerges as a solution to address the shortcomings of existing cryptocurrency token analysis tools. Many current solutions suffer from limited blockchain support and accuracy issues, leaving users vulnerable to potential scams and fraudulent activities. TokenGuide sets itself apart by offering a more comprehensive and reliable approach to token analysis. Additionally, TokenGuide maintains and continually updates a database of known scam perpetrators, providing users with valuable intelligence to help them navigate the often treacherous waters of cryptocurrency investments.

⛓️ Making security chain-agnostic

One of TokenGuide's key strengths lies in its extensive blockchain support. While many auditing tools are limited to a handful of popular chains, TokenGuide boasts compatibility with 20 different blockchains and we’re constantly working to expand that list. This broad coverage ensures that users can analyze tokens across a wide range of networks, including many that are often overlooked by other auditing solutions. By casting a wider net, TokenGuide helps users identify potential risks and make more informed decisions, regardless of their preferred blockchain ecosystem.

Users may find that their chain isn’t supported yet. Fear not, you can submit a request on our Contact Us page to request an addition to our security suite for your favorite blockchain!

🔒 Keeping your wallet safe with TokenGuide

TokenGuide employs a sophisticated analysis approach that combines AI with heuristic methods to scrutinize smart contracts and assess token liquidity. This multi-faceted examination allows TokenGuide to assign risk levels to tokens based on a holistic evaluation of both contract code integrity and liquidity factors. To further enhance the accuracy and relevance of its assessments, TokenGuide incorporates a community-driven element by allowing users to vote on tokens after connecting their wallets to the platform. This feature helps create a more dynamic and responsive risk assessment system that can adapt to the rapidly changing crypto landscape.

Staying informed about the latest crypto scams is crucial for Web3 users, and TokenGuide facilitates this through multiple channels. Users who subscribe to the TokenGuide newsletter and follow the project's Twitter/X page receive real-time updates about emerging threats and potential scams. TokenGuide’s proactive approach to information dissemination helps users stay one step ahead of fraudsters and make more informed decisions with their wallets. TokenGuide also keeps track of suspicious projects by helping users stay informed about projects that may be too good to be true through social media.

A unique and valuable feature of TokenGuide is our growing database of scam owners. By tracking and cataloging individuals and entities responsible for creating fraudulent tokens, TokenGuide helps users identify patterns and potential risks associated with new projects. This database serves as a powerful tool for maintaining safety and trust in the ever-evolving Web3 space, allowing users to avoid scammers based on historical data and known bad actors.

🤝 How you can help us help you

TokenGuide encourages user engagement and feedback, inviting people to test out our free consumer app available on our website. The app allows users to analyze tokens across the 20 supported blockchains, with plans to add more in the future. To promote accessibility, TokenGuide offers a limited number of free uses per day, with increased usage limits for users who connect their wallets to the platform.

TokenGuide has also recently released a Telegram mini app on TON and a Telegram bot that both allow users to receive a token’s security score within seconds simply by entering a smart contract address and selecting a blockchain.

In the field of crypto auditing tools, TokenGuide distinguishes itself as a leader by offering AI-driven audits across an unparalleled number of blockchains. The platform's user-friendly interface requires only a chain and token address to perform comprehensive audits, making it accessible even to those new to the crypto space. To stay updated on TokenGuide's latest developments and features, users are encouraged to follow our social media channels, including Twitter/X, Discord, and Telegram. For more direct communication, we can be reached via email at