Unimantic Protocol Updates MEV Bots With New Features And Improved Security

5 Jun 2024

Unimantic Protocol, a leader in automated trading on the cryptocurrency markets, has released an update to its MEV Bot software. These bots, known for their ability to extract maximum value (MEV) from transactions, have received a number of enhancements that make their operation even more efficient and secure.

What are MEV Bots?

MEV bots, or sandwich bots, automate the process of "sandwiching" transactions by inserting their transactions before and after target transactions in a mempool. This allows the bots to profit from price changes caused by large orders. Technical Improvements:

  1. Machine learning in mempool analysis: Bots now use machine learning algorithms to more accurately predict market changes and quickly identify target transactions.
  2. Transaction Speed Optimization: The reaction time for bots to identify a target transaction has been significantly reduced, thus lowering the risk of competition and increasing the chances of successful execution of sandwich transactions.
  3. Enhanced Security: New security mechanisms, including multi-factor authentication and data encryption, have been implemented to protect bots from attacks.
  4. Multi-chain Support: Updated bots can now run on multiple blockchain networks simultaneously, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana, expanding the number of available sandwiching options.
  5. Adaptive Strategies: Bots now have the ability to dynamically change their parameters based on current market conditions, allowing them to respond to market changes more effectively. Example of operation:
  6. Target Detection: a MEV bot monitors a mempool and detects a large purchase of Token A that is likely to cause the price of the token to rise.
  7. Bot's first transaction: The bot immediately sends a transaction to buy Token A at the current price.
  8. Target transaction: The next transaction is an initial large purchase of token A that causes the price to rise.

Bot’s second transaction: The bot sends a transaction to sell Token A at the new, higher price, capitalizing on the price spike.


With the new update, Unimantic Protocol MEV bots become even more powerful tools for automated trading. These improvements provide users with not only increased profits, but also a high level of security. Unimantic Protocol continues to lead the way in innovation, providing its investors with the most advanced technology for successful trading in the cryptocurrency markets.

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