Why Is The "Fantasy Top" NFT Game Is So Popular?

15 May 2024

Fantasy Top is a SocialFi Trading Card Game that’s built around crypto Twitter. It has lots and lots of hype right now, and you probably heard about it already. It has a pretty big trading volume (~7,800+ ETH), and it’s doing more daily revenue than Solana.

Let’s take a look at why Fantasy Top became so popular recently. It would be a good case study both for other projects looking for buzz and hype and for users to understand the mechanics behind the project and its marketing strategy. And by the way — if you run a crypto project and need advice on marketing and community building, let’s get in touch!

Engaging Gameplay

Fantasy Top transforms the crypto's most influential social media persons into NFT trading cards. This allows players to engage with the crypto community in a gamified manner.

Players create card lineups of influencers, and based on their Twitter activity and post metrics of engagement, players can earn crypto and in-game prizes. It’s a very interesting idea to directly integrate social media performance into game mechanics.

NFT Trading and Value Surge

The game has excited the crypto community by allowing players to trade their in-game NFT cards, which have surged in value in a short period. This aspect of the game has attracted both casual players and more serious degens looking to capitalize on the rising value of these NFTs. The ability to form private groups to discuss strategies and incentivize buyers adds a layer of community and collaboration to the experience.

High Engagement and Trading Volume

Fantasy Top has shown impressive metrics that also attract more attention and bring hype with over 7,800 ETH in trading volume and more than 3,400 ETH in Total Value Locked (TVL). Based on the data provided by crypto data APIs, the platform demonstrates active participation and a high level of transactions. This level of engagement is crucial for the sustained success of any platform in the highly competitive crypto market.

The game's appeal is broad, attracting crypto's biggest tweeters and their followers, including meme coin traders, NFT traders, and even the co-founder of a collapsed crypto hedge fund. This inclusivity and combining a few trends in one has helped Fantasy Top build a diverse and active community.

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Market Resilience and Community Growth

Despite the general market, Fantasy Top has managed to raise positive vibes within the Crypto Twitter community. Its ability to maintain momentum and interest during quieter market periods helped to grow the community and spread hype around the web3 industry.

Also, I want to remind you that we’ve seen such trendy things rise and fall. This is not advice to join the players and invest your money and time in Fantasy Top. We just reviewed this phenomenon and are trying to understand why the crypto game is so popular right now.

For other crypto/NFT projects, here are some bits of advice on strategies that Fantesy Top uses to engage users:

Social Media Integration

By basing the game mechanics on Twitter engagement, Fantasy Top directly integrates social media into its core gameplay. This encourages players to actively follow and engage with crypto influencers on Twitter, creating a loop of engagement that extends beyond the game itself.


NFT Trading

The use of NFTs as trading cards adds an element of collectibility and investment. Players can trade these NFTs within the game, adding a layer of strategy based on predicting which influencers will gain popularity and thus increase the value of their cards. Of course, that engage, making these NFTs a game element, which is very important for successful NFT marketing.

Source: Fantasy Top

Rewards Based on Social Engagement

The rewards system is directly tied to the real-world social engagement of the influencers represented by the NFTs. This interesting approach incentivizes players to not only engage within the game but also to contribute to the social media presence of the influencers, creating a symbiotic relationship between the game, its players, and the influencers.

In summary, Fantasy Top engages users through a novel combination of social media interaction, NFT trading, and gameplay mechanics centered around crypto influencers' social engagement. That, all together, creates an interesting NFT and GameFi marketing strategy that the project is using. Let’s see where the project goes and for how long they’ll be able to keep this buzz around their game.

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