World of Dypians Triumphs in BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program, Secures $60,000 in BNB

4 Jun 2024

In a significant achievement for the gaming industry, World of Dypians (WOD), an innovative MMORPG, has clinched the top spot in the prestigious BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program, earning $60,000 in BNB. This victory brings a substantial financial reward and solidifies WOD’s position as a key player in BNB Chain’s expanding ecosystem.

The BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program, known for its rigorous selection process, ranks projects based on the daily active unique wallet addresses (DAUs) interacting with their smart contracts. World of Dypians excelled throughout the month-long competition, averaging a remarkable DAU of 102,004. This achievement, coupled with an increment DAU of 59,548 and an increment gas fee of $9.93, secured WOD a top score of 5.4, significantly outpacing its competitors like CounterFire, Particle Network, RIDO, and BounceBit.

Mihai Nicusor, CEO & Founder of World of Dypians, expressed his excitement over the win:

We are thrilled to have won the BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program. Securing $60,000 in BNB and a prominent spot in the BNB Chain ecosystem highlights our team's dedication to creating one of the best web3 games. The high DAU numbers demonstrate the growing support for World of Dypians and affirm our community-first approach in building an exciting virtual world.

This accomplishment marks a major milestone for World of Dypians, significantly enhancing its brand awareness and traction in the competitive gaming landscape. The substantial DAU interactions underscore the game's strong support within the crypto gaming community and beyond.

About World of Dypians

World of Dypians (WOD), developed by Dypius, is a cutting-edge MMORPG featuring state-of-the-art graphics and immersive gameplay. The game leverages artificial intelligence and Metaverse mechanics to offer an unparalleled virtual world filled with engaging quests and brand-consumer interactions. A standout feature of WOD is its Downtown area, where major brands in the crypto and other industries have established a presence to interact with their audiences. Notable inhabitants of this space include Core DAO, Viction, and MultiversX.

In addition to winning the BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program, WOD has made significant strides in its development this year. The release of patch v0.2.4 on Epic Games introduced enhanced chain leaderboards, a new Challenger Global Leaderboard, additions to the Daily Bonus, the Beta Pass NFT Collections, and a Premium Subscription offering exclusive perks.

WOD was also selected for the BNB Chain's Airdrop Alliance Program, which connects top projects with the BNB Chain community. The game performed impressively, onboarding over 82,475 on-chain users within the first 20 days of the campaign.

For more information and updates on World of Dypians, visit their Website, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, Telegram, GitHub, YouTube, or download the game on Epic Games.

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