ZKBase Unveils Detailed Product Roadmap: Testnet Launch, Mainnet Integration and Beyond

13 May 2024

Dear ZKBase Community,

The ZKBase team is excited to announce the detailed product roadmap on May 9th, 2024. ZKBase is a decentralized, GPU-based, programmable ZKEVM chain. Our goal is to provide a stable and efficient decentralized platform to support a wide range of DApp development and smart contract operations.

Product Planning

Phase One: Testnet

ZKBase plans to launch the testnet on the 21st of May, 2024, with full browser functionality and DEX use cases (Swap and Liquidity Pool). Users will be able to thoroughly test these features using test tokens.

ZKBase Explorer


Liquidity Pool

Phase Two: Mainnet Launch

Mainnet will support —

  • Wallet Integration: Users can easily add the network to existing wallets like MetaMask without needing to create a separate Layer2 wallet.

  • Blockchain Explorer: Supports various types of smart contract operations.

DApp Support —

  • DEX: Offering a full set of ZKSwap feature use cases.

  • We plan to officially launch the mainnet around June 12th, 2024.

  • Additionally, we have updated the community media logos to align with the ZKBase chain launch.

  • ZKMarket (Decentralized Computing Power Market)

We will create a public decentralized computing power market. This platform will encourage more power providers to participate in mining and establish an open and free environment for interaction between computing power providers and consumers. This not only provides a new mode for trading computing resources but also ensures the transparency, security, and automation of transactions.

Features in Planning —

  • Additional DApps are still in the planning stages, with specific launch timelines to be determined.


  • Testnet Development: From April 15th to May 31st, complete product design and development work, ensuring the testnet launches around May 21st, 2024.
  • Testnet Operation and Mainnet Preparation: From June 1 to June 15, running the testnet and preparing for the mainnet.
  • Mainnet Release: Expected to officially release in mid-June.

Future Plans

  • Technology Enhancement: Continue researching the development of Ethereum Layer 2 chain technology to ensure timely updates and advancements.

  • Integration Support: Provide support to encourage developers to quickly build and deploy applications based on ZKBase.

  • Community Building: Establish a developer community for technical support and resource sharing to promote cooperation and communication.

  • Partnership Development: Establish partnerships within the Ethereum ecosystem and expand cross-chain cooperation to enrich the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Promotion and Marketing: Launch comprehensive promotional activities to educate users and developers about the advantages and application scenarios of ZKBase technology, driving its widespread adoption.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and participation. Let us look forward to the new experiences and possibilities that ZKBase will bring!

ZKBase Team